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 Brethren from Lodge Balgonie No 764 made there way to  in the Province of North Wales for the centenary celebration of 

Deeside Lodge No 3801 on Saturday 18th November. 

The Lodge Banner 

Traveling Brethren with Worshipful Master of Deeside Lodge No 3801

Back Row: Bro Ian Stevenson SD, Bro Stewart Michie PM (The Lodge of Kirkcaldie), Bro Davie Martin DoM, Bro Jock Shearer Banner Bearer, Bro John Rougvie JD

Front Row: Bro Davie Shearer IPM, PGM Bro Stewart Quigley, RWM Bro Alan Watson, WM Bro David Prichard, PGL Steward Bro Colin Davie 

RWM Bro Alan Watson & WM Bro David Prichard

 PGM Bro Stewart Quigley, WM Bro David Prichard, RWM Bro Alan Watson

PGM Bro Stewart Quigley, WM Bro David Prichard, PGL Steward Bro Colin Davie 

Bro Davie Shearer IPM, WM Bro David Prichard, PGL Steward Bro Colin Davie 

First time visitor Bro Stewart Michie PM with WM Bro David Prichard

WM Bro David Prichard with the ceremonial sword dedicated at the centenary celebration in honour of a late Deeside member 

who fought in WWII and served his Lodge for many years. 


The gift presented to Desside Lodge by Lodge Balgonie to mark their centenary and also 30 years of friendship between the Lodges. 

(Crafted by Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro Alex Whitehill) 

Bro Robbie Wyness - One of the first group of visiting Brethren between the Lodges

RWM Bro Alan Watson presenting the gift to WM Bro David Prichard

Start of the travels.....

......light refreshments!

Catch up in Ewlo Social club the night before



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