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Lodge Balgonie Claim The Travelling Gavel From King Robert De Bruce 304

"The Gavel" has got 28/49 Lodges on its '49ers Passport' since it started its travels around the Province. 


RWM Colin Davie relieves RWM Chick Nicoll off the Gavel almost a year to the day since Lodge Balgonie last claimed it from Ladybank!


The Travelling Gavel makes its way to Lodge Balgonie for the 3rd time in its history. 

Left to Right: Bro Bill Robertson PM, Bro Davie Martin, Bro Ian Stevenon, WSW Davie Shearer, RWM Chick Nicoll (304), RWM Colin Davie, 

Bro Stewart Quigley PM, Bro Jock Shearer & Bro Alec Craig PM


.....and what a night it was! Past Master Alec Craig was so happy with the Gavel coming back to the Lodge that his wallet 

made a rare appearence as he bought a round for the boys!

Thomson Inglis PM 1260 "I've been waiting for this moment since we retired!"

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