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On Saturday 8th November 2014 The Installation of RWM Bro David Shearer and Office Bearers Took Place.

RWM David Wilson Shearer

Lodge Balgonie Office Beraers for 2014-15

RWPGM Bro Rev Andrew E. Paterson & RWM David Shearer

RWM Dave Shearer with Lodge Balgonie's original gavel from 1889

RWDPGM Tom Donaldson & RWM Dave Shearer

RWM Dave Shearer with Installing Masters Bro Stewart Quigley PM & Bro Wullie Daly PM

RWPGM Bro Rev Andrew E. Paterson & RWM David Shearer

Father and Son!

Family Photo!

Director of Ceremonies prepares to get the Harmony underway.

Proudly sitting at the top table!

A couple of Harmony drinks to warm up!

RWM David Shearer proposes a toast to the Istalling masters.....

.....Bro Stewart Quigley PM replies......

......followed by Bro Wullie Daly PM.

WSW Bro Alan Watson proposes a toast to the Grand Lodge of Scotland and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife & Kinross......

.....RWDPGM Bro Tom Donaldson replies.

WJW Bro Derek Aitken proposes a toast to the visiting Brethren.

RWM Bro Stewart Michie (Kirkcaldie 72) replies on behalf of the many visitors.

IPM Bro Colin Davie 

Packed hall for the Harmony

....and finally, Bro Alec Craig PM trying to tell us something about his personality???


First Duty for RWM Bro Dave Sheaer is to lay a wreath at the Markinch Remeberance Day Parade.

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