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Lodge St Ayles 95 Trip to Isle of May

Bro's Drew Simpson PM, Ian Stevenson & Dave Shearer in the taxi to Anstruther

Wee refreshment before the boat!

Inside the Masonic Arms, Anstruther

One of the three boats.

Is the boat sinking??

Perfect weather as the boat leaves the harbour.


Bro Angus McKain deep in thought!

Fife from afar

Isle of May

Seals just of the May coastline

Isle of May north Fog Horn


May Princess arriving at the Island


Three boats waiting take us back.

Fife from May Isle.

Artic Terns

Brethren ready to set sail!

WSW Dave Shearer, Sec Angus McKain, RWM Colin Davie, Bro Drew Simpson PM, Bro Ian Stevenson

Brethren parade up to the oldest lighthouse in Scotland.


WSPGM Gordon Michie

One of the Island managers welcomes the arriving group


Open air Temple!



RWPGM Andrew Paterson, RWM Robert Davidson St Ayles 95

RWPGM Andrew Paterson, Sub Candidate RWM Jackie Taylor St Adrian 185, RWM Robert Davidson St Ayles 95

A wee dram for the road!

RWM Jason Watson St Clair of Dysart 520 ready for rough seas!


The PGL Boat!


A Shower on the way back..................

...........but dry at the on board bar!



A couple of drinks to finsih of a great day at the Isle of May.

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