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Lodge Balgonie held their first open day on Saturday 6th June2018. As part of the preparation we took a stall at Markinch games to promote the Lodge and the open day. 

The morning shift set up and ready to go.

We had information on display as well as serving tea & coffee

A tombal was held to help raise funds for the many good causes the Lodge supports

Also on offer was a number sweets and treats to go with the cuppa.

Boards were set up with some pictures and information about what happens in the Lodge

The flyer tha was being handed out.

Boards showing some of the charities, community and social events.




the new Lodge sign!

Open day open!


A number of local groups as well as Poppy Scotland and Prostate Scotland had stalls set up during the open day.

Book were on sale with proceeds going to Poppy Scotland

A large buffet and treats were on offer for visitors.




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