Lodge Balgonie 764

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Senior Members Night

Senior Members being served by the 'Young Team'!

Bro Jim Quigley and the band provide some music.

Intense final of the Dominoes Tournament!

Bro Alex Cunningham Wins the Steak Pie from the Dominoes Final.

Bro Jim Aitken (Lodge Lindores 106) does a bit stand up for the Seniors.

The Band!

Bro Trasurer telling an enthralling story!!!

IPM Bro Ron Dickson & Organist Bro Jim Aitken

All smiles as the drink flows......

......and flows..........

.......and flows!!!

"Yer blocking oor view!!"

The Band's Groupie!

Bro Jim Dewar & Bro Ian Heggie



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